Filter sušilice - Gorenje

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Filter sušilice - Gorenje
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Filter sušilice - Gorenje
Original kod: 387282
Model: SP 401, 501, 600

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T: Hehe.. I see.@Lily Riani: I see.@Manju: Haha.. that was really the rusdet waiter I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. =.=@adamantixx: Thank you :)@daisy: Yes, I heard about that... I'm happy something like that didn't happen when we were there. Crazy... Thanks for complimenting my girl :D

Ugh, I'm using my bf's Apple computer at the moemnt and every time I try to scroll back to your post to review something I wanted to talk about, this window disappears. So annoying!Speaking of Apple, Slovenia's Gorenje appliances look very sleek. The black and white finishes remind me of Apple's computers, don't you think? :) Yes I am proud of Canadian success. I'm very proud of my country like yourself :)LOL at your comment on the main station. Yes, it is a bit of an eyesore and the people in Bratislava don't seem so friendly?! Seems to be a recurring theme in your posts. Hmm, those people need to cheer up LOLHaha - I also like your choice of words to describe the people outside of the main station as "obscure"Ahhh, the roads and sidewalks here are very distinguished from one another. Perhaps it's just the historical parts that aren't as distinguishable? Your girlfriend is very beautiful and she has a lovely smile :) It was so lovely she came to visit you in Europe!The presidential palace looks beautiful! Are you allowed to take a paid tour inside parts of it?
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